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Never give up on a riff...

Ever have one of those moments when an old idea decides to make a second coming appearance and finds a home? Got a good story about one of my favorite times this happened.

So, Words of Deliverance (a tune with a video on YouTube), was sitting there with a big gap that I needed too remedy. Months went by and I had given up for a while on it, figured I'd wait to see what came around the mountain when it came.

One night, Fish and I are at our dealer's place. Doug hooked us up with some good trees, and as usual we stayed to hang and S-M-O-KAY for a spell. Good and stoned, we headed back to my apartment to chill and smoke a bit more (this type of activity has lead to more than one of these moments of musical epiphany just so you know), anyway....

Next thing I know, I'm running through this tune so Fish can hear what I have going and BAM!! there it is, the segue I've been waiting for!!! Music to my ears......and yours.... It was a combo of a couple old riff ideas I had been keeping on the back burner for just the right time. This, of course, was that 'right time'..

SOOOOOOOOO.....go give it a listen and when you get to the second breakdown section you'll hear some of my handiwork from this chemically enhanced evening.

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