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So yeah, it's been a bit....sue me

Hello there my readers. First blog of the year, still trying to get better at this stuff. So, what's up in the Eyeshot world you may ask? I know I ask? Music my friends, music. I'm a slow bloomer in many things so be patient, it's gonna happen. Got some new tunes, re-doing some old tunes, working on the lyrics (always the hardest part for me).

Started playing at a local open mic session in Charlotte, perhaps you saw the post on my Facebook I'm finally venturing back out. Would like to get some vids to post, pics to post, and new visitors to read my ramblings and more IMPORTANTLY, listen to the music.

Financially willing, I hope to be in the studio this year. Gonna make all acoustic recordings but ALSO turn it into a full band album. Bring in Fish and find a new drummer to complete my vision that I hear in my head.

One more thing I'm going to attempt, Facebook live for some fun. So keep an eye to the page kiddos. That's it, move out.

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