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Oh the music is coming...

Ok kiddos, I've been of the wagon for a bit because of finances and education for my massage career. Now I'm getting back to the music and managing the sites. Should have some new music that is currently being recorded, photos, videos, Facebook Live stuff all coming your way.

The song list for the album I'm putting together will have some titles you've heard recorded before but never finished, this will begin as an acoustic album, with hopes of doing full band later on. Working with a friend of mine in his house studio so we'll see how it all plays out and sounds.

Believe Me, Words of Deliverance, Live it Up Tonight, Lady, Stonewall and Jesus, Finish, Spiraled Together, By the Fire, Range of Vision, Black Ocean.

Can't wait to get this one done and move on to the next one!!! Got so much stuff I want to do so stick with me, pass it along, enjoy the tunes.

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