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New toys....

Hello there readers, back again to speak of a couple things. Football fan here, Browns fan no less, and they picked up some new toys in free agency and the draft. Looking forward to this season and hoping it brings me some joy.

Other new toys come from a different arena. Many moons ago I got a degree in audio production, never got much work unfortunately though, ended up in massage. But I kept playing, spending what disposable income I had to recording here and there to get some demo level recordings. Always wanted to have my own equipment to do some stuff on my own.

Now, it has been a while since I did this, so I'm re-learning some stuff, but I got some new recording software and interface with more in my shopping cart as I can pay for it. The hopes are to have some new material to put out. Already having some fun tinkering around with it so far, so be patient and keep an eye and ear out kiddo. That's all for now, move it along....

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