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Mania weekend...

Well kiddos, I have returned from my visit up north to spend some time with friends and watch WrestleMania. Yup, I said it, WrestleMania.... Great weekend of wrestling between the G1 Supercard, Takeover, and Mania.

Although my last post was quite a while ago, I have actually been doing things. I got certified in PetMassage, yup, I said it, PetMassage. Dogs are a pretty interesting clients, and I like the addition to my massage repertoire. Slowly but surely I hope to turn this area in to even more the pet loving area as it is now.

As for the music, which I know you're all here for, I have been writing, been working on getting some home recording equipment. I know I babble on about having more stuff soon, BELIEVE ME, it is on the way. I also have some cool ideas for some new content vids I can make so that should be fun.

Well, tis all for now, shove off champs... talk at ya soon

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