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Booms and BBQ...

Yup kiddos, we've passed yet another July holiday. I was never in the military, never delved into the political realm, but I remember the year that I was challenged to read the Declaration of Independence over the holiday. Hadn't done that since high school. Let me tell you, the reasons they put forward as justification to move away from English rule really seemed to ring true to some of the government activity we see today. We can't have this government get so big that it just becomes another version of what the founders were leaving in the first place.

This country, with all its' imperfections, is still unique. We're the 'millennial' of countries, wide eyed and impulsive yet innovative and challenging. Look at how this country has changed the world in its' short life span. That is something I believe we will continue to do, but not if we let it go to waste, can't let lives be lost in vain to keep what we have alive, and can't waste lives just to push forward some selfish agenda either. There is a time for war, but also a time for put on your big kid britches, and get over yourself, work this out. Not for some pipe dream of a utopia and world peace to arrive....only when Jesus comes back, just sayin....but to raise up people because it's the right thing to do, not because you get more votes or more power or more money or some level of revenge. Grow up, wise up, read some Proverbs laid down by the man that had it all, ruled with wisdom and discernment from God, made mistakes but still kept the people in mind.

So, I hope you enjoyed your quality food, family, memories of lost ones, fireworks, friends, sunshine, liberty, and freedom. Never forget that there still is tyranny, slavery, trafficking, and evil in this world. They that are suffering could use a hand, so do your bit. Out.

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