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Deepen the Fire Pit

Lyrics love to pop up in the best places, like when talking about country lyrics around a fire pit and drinking beer. I don't write about women, I don't write about partying, I write about spiritual struggles that deepen the fire pit so to speak, deepen the heart.

It takes a long time for me most of the time to put lyrics to the music. The music itself usually comes pretty easily, riffs just pop up and I start exploring never knowing where it ends until it ends. But the words, I get melodies first, then maybe a few lines of a verse or chorus and then it stops for a while. It's like recurring writer's block.

So I read, I listen, I think and ponder......I scribble, I remove, I combine.....and voila. I may have another verse, then I gotta do that process some more. Thankfully I have the WWF Network to leave on or HisChannel to help multitask my brain, lots of good things pop up from that surprisingly enough.

All worth it as long as I get what's in my head and heart, my fire pit if you will, out on to the page.

Deepen the fire pit, load it up with gasoline, watch memories burn

Deepen the heart a bit, unload the pain, what remains of the lessons we've learned....

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