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A year ago the only Chinese I was worried about was takeout, now I got a whole virus to contend with

Hello listeners,

Granted it has been quite a while since the previous blog, but I'm not much of a blogger so I have to really force myself to get some done from time to time.

As for what has been going on in all that time....well....I have written some new music and been trying to save some cash to get some quality studio time, so never fear, music is slowly but surely getting created.

I started a business, as a massage therapist, I could have gone that direction, but I felt I needed something to be more unique in my area. So I went with Petmassage and Reflexology as a separate service or combo for pets and their owners, and that has taken a lot of time trying to get that started...…………...and then the virus hit...………….so it has stalled some of my activities.

I have spent some time playing and writing, though lyrics always take me so long to come by, I've been studying and reading for my Petmassage and Reflexology so I can put together a quality service. Mix that in with way too much free time so I waste plenty of time binge watching or out for a walk by the river and a read. So I'm ready to get busier in the coming months, hopefully to have more material to add to the site and youtube page. So keep an eye and an ear out kiddos.


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