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It's all His anyway, we give because He does.

"We develop a habit of generosity in the same way we develop any good habit, through incremental adjustments we can maintain over the long haul. It's far better to start small and build up from there than to make one huge gift to a church or charity and fall into complacency because we've 'done our bit'." Generosity isn't a one and done situation. It's a lifestyle. -David Jeremiah, Turning Point, the book A Life Beyond Amazing.

As a Christian, sometimes it bugs me how many times I have to remind myself to focus on the kingdom of God and what He calls us to. I get distracted, discouraged, anxious, or frustrated with my life and I have to remember to let that go, go to God and pray for wisdom, guidance, and discernment in my decisions. I hope you all do to, find a good Bible teaching church or a charity like Hope for Justice to pass on God's gifts so that, like the feeding of the 5000, He can amplify your joyful gift to His kingdom.

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