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All part of the plan weekend...

Hello again readers. So what did you do for your weekend? Did you find a new hobby? Write a song? Sit by the water with toes in the sand? Hike in the mountains? Finish a good book? Start a meth lab? (let's hope not) Mildly productive.....excessively productive.....or not at all.

Well, in my neck of the woods I covered a few things I like to do. Saw Spider-Man....loved it, watched WWE Great Balls of Fire ppv.....very entertained, worked on some new music....all in the works to be on my YouTube site in the near future so KEEP AN EYE OUT! And rounded it out by trying out a new place to eat here in town.

All in all a successful, peaceful weekend once I got done with all the work that cuts into my leisure time. I hope you all are doing swell, listening to the tunes both here and on YouTube and are looking forward to more to come.....soon kiddos......sooon

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