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Let's get down to some music shall we....

Today readers, let's see if some of my favorite music is currently, will be in the future, or never at all will be in your music library....

I'm a big fan of many different types of music, as are many, but some of my favorite stuff is very guitar driven. I know, big surprise.


Avenged Sevenfold-Beast and the Harlot

Led Zeppelin-Going to California

Big Daddy Weave-Overwhelmed


Fear Factory-....well shit....pretty much the entire OBSOLETE album rocks my socks

Dream Theater-Wait for Sleep (surprisingly their shortest song, but fantastic nonetheless)


Kenny Chesney-I Go Back (good memories of that one)

Brad Paisley-Mud on the Tires


Black Label Society-Destruction Overdrive

Ozzy-Diary of a Madman (the song, but the album is killer too)


Ok, I could dabble in jazz, classical, and many more genres but I probably should stop while you're still here. I'd love to see your hop to it kiddos

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