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Plans for photos and first studio album in 10 years....

Hello there readers......and hopefully listeners and fans... The time has come to do a photo shoot to catch my good side, and by that I mean my guitar. That is my good side. So look forward to some posts on Facebook and additions to the website. I'm not much for this kind of thing, so most likely will involve plenty of live action shots, and when I hit the studio there will be many more.

As for the aforementioned album, I have been sitting on this one for years because of money mostly. The acoustic tracks I have up on the site will be all full band, plus several more tunes I can't wait to hear amped up to 11. The EYESHOT REVERBNATION page has some old recordings of some of these tracks if you're interested.

I have also posted some of those tracks on the Facebook page and videos on YouTube. I've always enjoyed studio work, even went to school for it. I have a CD that will be a promo prize for some lucky fans down the road.............truly original Eyeshot right there let me tell ya

I'm really looking forward to putting these tracks together, and for you all to meet Fish, my bassist and good friend, gonna have some good road tunes to jam out too. By The Fire, Words of Deliverance, Black Ocean are just a couple more of the tunes lined up for this. GONNA BE GOOD!!

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