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A little about the Wizard behind the curtain...

So here we go, I'm going to give a couple of info nuggets on who puts all this together...

I've been playing guitar for 25ish years, started with a band in high school, went to college as a music major and studied classical and jazz guitar. Ended up transferring to another school and finished up with a degree in Audio Production.

While at this school, I reconnected with two guys from the high school band that had started an acoustic rock group. THINK was the name, gotta toot our horn a bit.......we were pretty damn good....Even recorded a CD while we were there. I'll try and post some old videos later.

After graduating, I ended up starting writing was a bit different back then for sure....I had an internship at a studio and made my first CD there (WHICH WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR SOME LUCKY FANS OUT THERE FROM TIME TO TIME).

Now comes an unexpected turn, many resumes went out though unfortunately no openings were found for me. This is where, in between jobs, God called me into Massage Therapy. Yes, you read me right. I went from music to massage. Didn't think it would work, but found something I really love and while it pays my bills I can keep my music you can see I am doing that right now.

So, that is a quick run down of my journey......not 'don't stop believing' Journey....just mine. I'll tell you more as time goes on, likes, dislikes, music, movies, comics, essential oils, books, and whatever else enters my brain that is safe for my readers. 'Tis all for now kiddos.

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