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What kind of street music would make you stop and watch??

Hello there happy readers and listeners. So I've been posting a couple videos of some street performers that I would tip very well to entertain me for a jam session. Be it bassists, guitarists, vocalists, dancers, etc..etc...etc....

I'd like to know some stories of performers you've seen. I watched some percussionists once in DC. Just sticks and buckets but it was like watching STOMP on a sidewalk. (IF YOU'VE NEVER SEEN 'STOMP' THEN YOU SHOULD REMEDY THAT).......

Caught one set of barbershop type singers that really let it fly, kind of like Boyz 2 Men, yes....I enjoyed some of the work they did. I'm not all guitar oriented. Even did some barbershop stuff in high school and college. I love music, what can I say, it always resonates with me no matter what the delivery system. So, get to it.....tell me some stories kiddos.

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