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Well shit...ever have a moment..?

So kiddos, my old drummer Red sent me a message wondering if I wanted the old Eyeshot pix he had.....OF COURSE!! So those are hopefully on the way soon. Then he asked if I could send him some of the old studio recordings we did at the beginning of the band.

So I had to search a bit, and I'm still looking.....ever have a disorganized moment?? I found a few so far and man, I am enjoying listening to these. They are a bit rough, but I really like some of the ideas I put down. Good times, good tunes. You'll get to hear them soon enough as this next CD gets put together.

So it was a good moment, to hear from an old friend and bandmate, to have some new stuff to put up, and to revisit and listen to some old tunes. Hope you've had a cool moment like that

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